What is Thermage?

Thermage® is a non-surgical approach to skin tautening and rejuvenation in mild to moderate facial and somatic skin laxity. The Thermage technology makes use of monopolar capacitive radiofrequency to selectively bringing heat to the lower layer of the dermis whilst preserving the integrity of the epidermis. Whilst doing so, the heat breaks down the hydrogen bonds in the water molecules of the collagen and engages a defensive response that will produce more collagen in return.

The tightening effects are then brought from within and visible from the outside.

The best results result from a combination of appropriate technology and expertise from the performing physician.


Physician’s expertise

The physician’s expertise is paramount to a satisfactory result, a good understanding of the technology and of its effects on the body and face will bring about the best rendition. Our practicians have opted and been specifically trained to use Thermage Confort Pulse Technology™ (CPT) with Total Tip 3.0.

With their excellence in multipass and vector techniques, they are able to deliver twice as much more bulk RF delivery than with the regular Thermage®, and with more consistency than with Thermage Flx™ , which does not offer other advantages than a faster procedure that may not be thorough.


The details making the difference

Thermage® owns its reputation to the consistency in bringing about results since 1995 and has set the standards for all RF technologies ever since. It should also be known that monopolar radiofrequency, is a more demanding technique both for the patient and for the performing doctor; it makes use of two polarities that force the energy to flow from one pole to another. By doing so, the beam goes through all the skin layers and rather over some distance.

The doctor’s skills are therefore invaluable in ensuring the best rendition with the slightest discomfort possible for the patient.

There is no sedation for this treatment as it is important to adjust the intensity level to the sensitivity of the patient. In this view, the Confort Pulse Technology (Thermage CPT ™) delivers cooling for the epidermis in between the emission of energetic pulses to the skin to ensure the patient’s comfort, whereas the Total Tip 3.0 allow for more bulk heat delivery without compromising the safety.


What are the characteristics of a good candidate for Thermage®?

A good candidate for Thermage® should not be too fat as the results won't be noticeable nor should the candidate be very skinny as the effects of Thermage® might be too accentuated. The treatment's rendering usually spans from one to a couple of years, and can be part of an annual maintenance procedure, and might be coupled with other interventions for optimal results.


Treatment areas

With Thermage ® CPT ™ and Total Tip 3.0, you may seek to address the sagging of the following areas:

  • The eyes
  • The cheeks
  • The jowls
  • The neck
  • The limbs
  • The belly

Treatment cost: 79,000 thb for 1,200 pulses.

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