Ultraformer 3 HIFU, the non surgical facelift

The Ultraformer 3 is a type of non surgical facelift procedure based on sending beams of powerful high-intensity focused ultrasound energy (HIFU) through the soft tissue of the face and neck. They target the same body tissues a deep plane facelift surgery would work on, but without the opening and the repositioning of the tissues.

As the energy within the ultrasound wave is passed to the soft tissues, it provokes the mechanical vibrations of their molecules. The increase of the molecular vibration in the muscle tissues will generate two effects responsible for the rejuvenation of the treated areas: on one part, the heat and the microscopic damage induced to the muscles and skin, will be reverted by a body response to increase the production of collagen within these tissues, bringing about a lifting effect from within, with a smoothing of the wrinkles and the skin.

On another part, it will break down some of the fatty deposits present under the skin, that will be taken away by the interstitial fluids and metabolized by the body. The thermal changes caused to the cells, will carry on, stimulating the production of elastin and of collagen in the deep layer of the face and in the upper layer of the skin, within the weeks after the treatment has taken place, and persist over the weeks after.

The procedure is usually done once a year (twice a few months apart for the first year if needed), with a yearly maintenance session for best results. It is quick, painless and does not have any downtime.

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