Dermal fillers

What are Dermal Fillers ?

Dermal Fillers are bio-compatible gels, used to enhance volumes or re-pulp some areas of the face and body. These fillers are injected directly under and in the skin in the targeted area to rejuvenate by hydration and by compensating age-lost volume to soft tissues.
The Metro clinic offers several types of dermal fillers of different viscosity, to be used in various procedures and dependent on the sought-after results.

Dermal fillers Injection at Metro Beauty Centers

Plumpness is indicative of youth and health. To restore initial volumes to the face, gels made of hyaluronic acid and water, called Dermal Fillers are inserted under facial soft tissues. Very often they are used to complete the effects of other treatments: Thermage (for skin rejuvenation and tightening) or Botox injections and at times, following surgery (facial enhancement and corrective surgery).

Dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid, are the gold standard product in the use case of medical volumetric reshaping, for their innocuous effects on the organism when appropriately used (it is naturally present in the human organism).
In Thailand, only HA based dermal fillers are FDA approved for injection, other dermal fillers that did not pass the Thai FDA approval, represent a health hazard because of the serious complications their use might lead to.

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Use of dermal fillers in face and body rejuvenation

Volume dystrophy is a telltale sign of facial aging. The displacement of fat deposits in the face is the cause of shrinkage in some areas and distortion in other parts. As we age, the hollowness of the temporal area gets more pronounced, it appears in the upper lids, the tear through the area below the lower lids, cheeks lose their plumpness and the lips shrink and shrivel.

Subcutaneous injections of these highly hydrophilic gels will help bring volume and suppleness by keep the skin and the underlying tissues hydrated. When associated with other techniques, they make excellent tools in the restoration and the authenticity of the repaired volumes.

Under eye fillers: A non-chirurgical Peri-orbital rejuvenation

With time, the fat pads situated in the eye sockets and on the periosteum of the orbicular bony surface, under the mutual effect of the loss of collagen and of the muscular contractions, are being forced out, and start to migrate underneath the facial skin with the gravity pull.
The original areas appear deprived of their youthful volume and sunken in. With the thinning of the skin, the lack of collagen replenishment, the tiny bruises due to the leaks of very small blood vessels around the eyes, dark under-circles and puffy pockets show under the eyes.

Fine hyaluronic acid gel when injected to fill the hollowness, brighten the gaze by restoring fullness in that portion of the face, giving it a new resilience. Festoons and lower eyelids eye bags can be nicely bettered with filler injections.

Thanks to the use of small gauge needles, traces of injection are imperceptible.

Nasolabial fillings

Filler gels are injected in various focal points of the face, to restore a harmonious appearance. Often, the Laugh line (called the nasolabial crease) is the subject of correction, in such a procedure, a gel of higher viscosity might just be the most appropriate choice for the intervention.

Deep-seated or long wrinkles, such as frown or forehead lines, injected with a good quality filler, will yield a more favorable outcome than with Botox injections alone. The result are expected to last for a year with the gel of adequate thickness.

Lips augmentation

A very fine hyaluronic acid gel must be used to fill in the fine lines that progressively striate the border of the lips (also named the vermillon). To augment the volume of thin lips, doctors start to inject some dermal filler in the philtrum. This in effect will lift and pronounce the curvature of the upper lip, reinforcing its shapeliness. More precise injections in the lower lip will buff the desired pulpiness to bring balance to this part of the mouth. These are safe injections, which achieve great results quickly and safely.

The desired effect is what patients should talk to the specialists for full satisfactory results.

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Cheeks augmentation

To ensure a fresh mid-face lifting, a dermal filler of good thickness is injected near the periosteum of the cheekbone. It will have as an effect to restore some of the original volumes in this facial area. An additional filler offering a different viscosity might also be used as complement to the first one to help with bringing about the best rendition

Chin augmentation with dermal fillers

Injections of dermal fillers in the chin can be an alternative to genioplasty. They can be made for facial contouring purposes, or as an alternative to surgery, to offer the patient a non-permanent impression of what a plastic surgery would bring about.

Temporal filling

The marking of an aging face is its skeletonization. Temporal fillings can be used to add volumes to parts that appear too hollow or angular, and also to widen a skull appearing too narrow.

Hand volume restoration:

Hands are a real age-marker giveaway, hence the value of restoring their initial volume with dermal fillers.
The process and rendition are similar to the one used in the other dermal filler injections.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Hyaluronic acid gel fillers injections for non-surgical rhinoplasty in patients with flat or uneven nasal bridge, can be done, with great care. It allows patients who are unwilling to undergo plastic surgery and its corollary like inflammation and swelling to get the partial rendition of what a permanent rhinoplasty might deliver, without the downtime, the bandages, and the swelling.
Filler injections can be used to bring augmentation of some parts of the nose that might need some correction or volume adjusting. Additional procedures can also be performed to adjust or to reduce the volume of the filler if necessary.

A nose bridge augmentation with dermal fillers is a complex procedure that is not possible with patient who have experienced previous surgeries in that part of the face (closed or open rhinoplasty). In any given case, dermal filler injections must be made prior to nose surgery so as to avoid complications. Safer alternative such as nose threading might be recommended, depending on individual nose structure.

The types of Dermal Fillers

Metro Beauty Centers choose their HA (Hyaluronic acid Dermal Fillers) depending on the area to be treated and the expected outcome. In this view, we work with the following products:

  • Juvederm: The newest generation of fillers from Juvederm are the best dermal fillers available to this day. Because of their long lasting effect (up to 2 years in the case of Juvederm voluma) better volume expansion in comparison to other fillers and the same volume, they blend smoothly with the surrounding tissues. They are laced with an anesthetic (lidocaine) and the discomfort associated to the injection is greatly diminished. They are the best value for money.
  • Belotero: One of the most popular filler, widely used in Europe. Manufactured in Switzerland by Merz Laboratory, Belotero has repeatedly received top awards in anti-aging medicine for the last 10 years. The complete range of Belotero fillers offer an excellent, long lasting and natural result due to a high concentration and cross-linking HA polymers.
  • Neuramis: Is a very satisfying product, however, its high viscosity and short duration limits the range of cases it can be used for. It offers the best value for a tight budget.
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