About Metro Beauty Centers

Adding the French Touch to Beauty Design in Thailand

Metro Beauty Centers epitomize the “French Touch”, in the high end of beauty design in Bangkok, Asia. Our mindset drives our attitudes, services and expertise delivering aesthetic standards that are usually only accessible to the happy-few elite.

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A team of specialists compounding expertise for tailored-beauty enhancement

French national Mr. Renaud d’Hercourt, international care manager and his team of doctors regarded as paramount points of references, previously made the success of another clinic: Metro Bangkok Clinic, before taking on the task of bringing their skills of excellence to other clients, availing themselves to propose you the best bespoke experience and results in your quest for physical attractivity. 

Such endeavour comes with identifiable characteristics, an established tradition as well as worldwide recognition, coming from a culture with an eye for elegance and our years of aiming for nothing but outstanding superiority.

We pride ourselves of being your best guides in achieving the desired balance of audacity and elegance.

All the help you need to please and seduce

Seduction can only be properly expressed with the real sophistication that comes from the nudge of a unique know-how from experts.

With this view, our advisory team will be presenting you the best protocols, our practicians their finest aesthetic crafts, carried out under a great taste for detail, with a personalized care and service to assist in your wish for the realization of your enviable true-self.

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